Jan. 20th, 2017

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"Final Crisis is something I have read a bunch of times and at first I was not sure about it but the last time I read it I realized how influential it was on what I was doing. FC tells a complete story but it is not the story of just one character, it is more like a relay race with different heroes taking up the baton. I’m not necessarily interested in a story where everyone is fighting the major villain at once. It is usually just a few quick panels and then it’s done." -- Tom Scioli

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"I honestly have no idea what America will be or represent when the book comes out. I don’t even know what America will look like when this interview comes out. Things are really not normal right now, and it seems like every day brings some new piece of ugly strangeness to our attention. I’m scared for my friends.

"In a context like that, I wonder how useful escapism or superhero thrills can be, but as part of a balanced diet and as a means of taking a breather, recharging the batteries, and maybe finding some sort of positive inspiration in a difficult time, I’d at least like to believe it does more good than harm. And having the United States represented in this hour by this team feels relatively positive."
-- Al Ewing

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The human Cylons hidden in the Fleet feared it.

So did the humans of the Fleet, especially with the evidence that it- Tallos, as Baltar had named it with his sense of aptness- might still have some will of its own.

Though Baltar believed he'd straightened out that problem, Commander Adama still worried.

To test his worries, he had the human Cylon they knew about (the instance of the Number Eight model that Helo and Starbuck'd brought back with them from Caprica) taken out of the brig and put before Tallos, so that they could see if the reprogrammed Centurion would obey human orders even when another Cylon was there.

The moment Tallos saw the one Helo still called Sharon, he broke his bonds and threw aside those around him.

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THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SAVIOR 28 was an IDW miniseries by J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Cavallaro, where a superhero named Savior 28 starts a peace movement and everyone hates him for it. Yes, it's more complicated than that.

savior 28 #1 cover

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