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I posted this only a few months ago but in light of today's news with Berni Wrightson's health issues causing him to retire I figured I would share it again. 'Jenifer' is arguably one of Wrightson's most infamous horror works. It first appeared in Creepy #63. For those interested this was made into an episode of 'Masters of Horror' directed by Dario Argento. If I have the time and resources I may try to post further Wrightson comics in the future.

Warning for gore as well as a rape scene.

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

I see that last week I noted that it "had been a busy week all round"....  if I knew then what I know now.

I am now convinced that the current American Presidency is some vast, Roland Emmerich sponsored reality program, like The Truman Show but starring a Cobra Commander wannabe. (Sorry, the time for flippancy is probably long past, but it's my coping mechanism at times of stress)

The reality of the ban is shocking, but the public outcry from around the world is gratifying, even though it seems likely that Trump will not be moved by it, and has just fired the Attorney General who advised that cases against it not be fought (The discussion is now whether she would have done better to resign as a matter of principle, rather than give the President the satisfaction of publicly flexing his powers (and anti-establishment approach) by firing her)

The ACLU has noted that it normally receives around $4M annually via donations. It has already gained $24M this year!!

I am proud to say that a petition to deny Trump the State Visit to the UK
 that Theresa May (rather rashly IMHO) promised him during her recent cringemaking visit (and it's not like world leaders have been fighting to be first) reached over 1.6 million signatures within a day. If he does get it, expect heckling and protests on a scale that will hopefully stun the world. (As someone has noted it would ALMOST be worth it if we can guarantee some choice interactions between Trump and Prince Phillip)

In other news Peter Capaldi has confirmed that he will step down as the Doctor in this years Doctor Who Christmas Special, which means that both he and Steven Moffatt will be leaving at the same time. Whilst change is the core of Doctor Who, I am disappointed that we won't get to see Capaldi, a genuinely remarkable actor, operating under another showrunner, even for a few episodes, but that's life.

And we lost Sir John Hurt, who played everything from Caligula in "I, Claudius", to convention-defying real-life, almost militantly effeminate homosexual Quentin Crisp in "The Naked Civil Servant", to the gentle yet mischievous The Storyteller in Jim Henson's series of the same name.

We also lost Mary Tyler Moore, whose career included the classic home-maker wife and mother in the early 60's Dick Van Dyke Show, but is perhaps best remembered as Mary Richards in The Mary Tyler Moore Show" where she played a groundbreaking role; a young, professional woman who, whilst having boyfriends, never married throughout the shows run and whose best friends were women, and addressed a variety of topical matters.

Slightly on topic, this week we mourn the passing of Dan Spiegel, and send our profuse and heartfelt best wishes to legendary artist Berni Wrightson for a full recovery from the recent illness and surgery which has now caused him to announce his retirement from producing art and atteending conventions. (That last link takes you to a Facebook post, for those who prefer to avoid such things)
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"Keep in mind that, thirty-something years later, I think I’d approach that story with more subtlety and nuance. But the essential idea about not physically attacking someone who espouses viewpoints we find despicable? I feel exactly the same way now as I did then. I think this past weekend’s marches illustrate the right way to respond: with passion, with political action, but not with violence."

J.M. DeMatteis

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