Feb. 3rd, 2017

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A certain British comic made a milestone event back in December.

Let's take a look at a few pages from the issue!

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Your thoughts, comments and favorite 2000 AD memories?
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'The hope for me is that people will see that it’s never all or nothing. Sometimes we are, “traditionally masculine” or “traditionally feminine.” We can be hard, we can be soft at the same time in different times. And that is where I want to take him, hopefully, because he was looked at as this character who was all quips and punching people in the heart and I love quips and punching people in the heart, but there’s more. And there’s more to real people too.' -- Steve Orlando

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Here's an original story from Eerie #58 that Berni Wrightson wrote in addition to illustrating.

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"Magneto’s an old terrorist bastard. I got into trouble—the X-Men fans hated me because I made him into a stupid old drug-addicted idiot. He had started out as this sneering, grim terrorist character, so I thought, Well, that’s who he really is. [Writer] Chris Claremont had done a lot of good work over the years to redeem the character: He made him a survivor of the death camps and this noble antihero. And I went in and shat on all of it. It was right after 9/11, and I said there’s nothing f*****g noble about this at all."

- Grant Morrison

Source: http://www.mtv.com/news/2624941/grant-morrisons-playboy-interview/

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