Feb. 6th, 2017

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In the comments for [personal profile] starwolf_oakley's SAVIOR 28 posts, I had an interesting conversation with some others about the feasibility of superhero stories where the lead is a pacifist, where they consistently win without having to use violence.

That put me in my mind of Joe Casey and Derec Aucoin's final year on ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN in the early oughties, in which Casey wrote Superman as a pacifist. In this whole run, Superman never throws so much as a single punch. I would say that it shows that, yes, it's perfectly feasible to do pacifist superhero stories.

That said, the first issue of the run isn't really a good illustration of that. It's... an odd one. But it's where I'll start for the sake of completeness.


"I’ll always write a pacifist Superman. That’s just how I see him." -- Joe Casey

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So this was requested due to having a similar divergence point to the previous Spider-Man what if that I posted.

This was also something of a historic what if: It was the first to be part of the "alterniverse" imprint, it was supposed to be the start of the new, "darker" What-Ifs (though this story is rather lighthearted overall), and it was the last time of this volume that Uatu was the narrator (though he had been absent in previous issues).

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"The 'Planet X' story was partially intended as a comment on the exhausted, circular nature of the X-Men's ever-popular battle with Magneto and by extension, the equally cyclical nature of superhero franchise re-inventions. I ended the book exactly where I came on board, with Logan killing Magneto AGAIN, as he had done at the end of Scott Lobdell's run. Evil never dies in comic book universes. It just keeps coming back. Imagine Hitler back for the hundredth time to menace mankind. So, in the way that something like 'Marvel Boy' had that insistent 'teenage hard on' engine driving its rhythms, 'Planet X' is steeped in an exhausted, world-weary, 'middle-aged' ennui that spoke directly of both my own and Magneto's frustrations, disillusionment and disconnection, as well as the endless everything-is-not-enough frustrations of a certain segment of comics aging readership. In hindsight, I think I overdid the world weary a little but, you know, my loved ones were dying all around me while I was working on those issues, so I'm entitled to a little stumble into miseryland. Fantomex's line [he accused Magneto of speaking in cliches] summed up my own cynicism at that moment, definitely and seems justified by subsequent plot developments. In my opinion, there really shouldn't have been an actual Xorn - he had to be fake, that was the cruel point of him - and it should have been the genuine Magneto, frayed to the bare, stupid nerve and schizoid-conflicted as he was in Planet X, not just some impostor. There's loads of good stuff in Planet X - it's just that miasma of bleakness and futility which hovers over the whole thing.

What people often forget, of course, is that Magneto, unlike the lovely Sir Ian McKellen, is a mad old terrorist twat. No matter how he justifies his stupid, brutal behaviour, or how anyone else tries to justify it, in the end he's just an old bastard with daft, old ideas based on violence and coercion. I really wanted to make that clear at this time."

- Grant Morrison

Source: http://geoffklock.blogspot.de/2006/07/why-grant-morrisons-magneto-sucks.html

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"There are certain editors you work with where you end up playing that game of, basically, writing over their heads… and for me, that was never more true than my last year on Superman." -- Joe Casey

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