Feb. 11th, 2017

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"Reggie [Hudlin] was busy working on a film; I wanted him to co-write the issue for me. Issue 11 of Deathstroke is an anti-violence issue, and it concerns the gun violence going on in Chicago. Actually, that's the title of the story, it's just 'Chicago.' It's A Very Special Episode of Deathstroke." -- Christopher J. Priest

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FANGORIA: Grant Morrison is actually fond of comparing superheroes to the ancient gods, arguing that they fulfil a similar mythological need in our modern psyche. Is it this sort of deification that bothers you? Should we have moved past myths and gods by now?

PAT MILLS: Yeah, I think the deification of superheroes is rather worrying. The neo-Christian elements, e.g . Messiah Syndrome, have been written about before, although not in a critical way to my knowledge. Abdicating our power to messiahs is a dangerous business.

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"It is, therefore, not inconceivable that this planet was in fact Mogo, becoming a Green Lantern after meeting Hal. When asked about the origins of creating Mogo, and if the two character planets could be one and the same, artist Dave Gibbons stated that he was certainly aware of the 1963 story, but did not recall it being an influence back when he co-created Mogo with Alan Moore in May 1985 (GL V2 #188)." Green Lantern History: An Unauthorized Guide to DCU History by Darran Jordan

Tumblr insisted that pairing Hal Jordan and a planet like Mogo was ridiculous. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Challenge accepted.

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