Feb. 15th, 2017

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"When I was sort of thinking about Aphra, the core of it was, Star Wars is about these archetypes. Archetypes, if you write them very badly, they become cliched. These very powerful, direct characters. You know, you’re not writing Proust. That’s not the point. The point is to be these big figures. A lot of my work was, 'Okay, in terms of Star Wars, what sorts of characters fit well into that universe?' And it was, 'Oh! The Indiana Jones archaeologist archetype.'" -- Kieron Gillen

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"I'm also taking some inspiration from old Captain America stories from the past — that sense of writers in dark times exploring what their country meant to them — and a few yet to come. The U.S. Avengers are going to have their role to play in the future." -- Al Ewing

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The first arc of Al Ewing and Paco Medina's U.S.Avengers wraps up this week with the final battle against the Golden Skull, a supervillain who bears more than a little resemblance personality-wise to a certain gold-and-winning-obsessed President of the United States.

But the name of the U.S.Avengers' helicarrier is either the best comics coincidence in recent memory or the result of a really quick change in the text. )
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FANGORIA: Do you think the Marshal is still relevant 25 years later, and are there any plans to put him back on the streets?

PAT MILLS: Probably more relevant now than back then, because we live in such a beaten down world today where there is little social change and idealism has been crushed. I’d love to see him back, but it feels problematic because Kevin’s on THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN and I’m on other things. But I do need the outlet to attack heroes, so I do a bit of potshotting at them in DEFOE (Mills’ current 2000AD steampunk zombie series) where there are the 17th century Vizards, smug establishment superhero bastards who Defoe–the last Leveller–wants to kick their heads in. See, it’s still in me!

Warning for Rape

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