Feb. 18th, 2017

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This was a 100 page anniversary. I'll also be posting the back-ups. Here's the main story.

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"[Maria Hill] just makes every story that she’s in better. I think she’s one of the best creations at Marvel of the last generation." -- Nick Spencer

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Okay, seriously. How is Monsters Unleashed getting, like, zero chatter or buzz? It's easily the best crossover Marvel has done in ages.  I honestly cannot remember the last time I've enjoyed an event more.

1) It features a new, unambiguously evil threat
2) It had superheroes fighting giant monsters.
3) It brings back an array of classic Marvel/Atlas monsters.
3) The tie in issues are one shots independent of the main books, derailing nothing.
4) It has Elsa Bloodstone in it.
5) it's coming out on time and each issue is actually moving the plot forward
6) It doesn't even pretend that it will leave nothing the same.

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