Feb. 27th, 2017

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Courtesy of Comics Alliance

Now, as we sort of know, there are few people Damian actually likes. He respects a couple, loathes several and disdains nearly everyone else on the planet. But people he actually LIKES, we're probably limited to Colin (who seems to been lost in the New52) and of course, his big brother and favourite partner in crimefighting, Nightwing.

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So what could possibly increase tensions between them?

Perhaps the only thing that Damian is ALWAYS concerned about

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"I absolutely believe you can write superhero comics where violence is either peripheral, or even entirely absent. The point of superhero comics is to inspire people to try to be their best selves. They're about people trying to help others and make the world a better place, not a more violent one. Now of course, they take place in a fantasy world where certain things, like vigilantism, are laudable. But even still- I try to find ways to make sure the violence is either justified by some moral criteria, or as an incomplete solution. Usually, the violence in my books is stuff that passes the time until someone comes up with the real solution. Though I've by no means got a perfect record on this front- again, fantasy world, "good" violence, all part of the show. Still try. Some superheroes really benefit from tacking towards nonviolence btw: Superman and Fantastic Four come to mind immediately. Cap, in my mind, comes very close to the line- he's a soldier, but he should always be reluctant to fight. Has to be a necessity. Same for Sam, btw, which is why my favorite arc is Americops, because really, it all kicks off with him trying to PREVENT a fight." -- Nick Spencer

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The comic book tie-in to the 90s X-Men animated series outlasted the animated series itself, at least for a while, telling series set after the final episode.

Eventually, though, sales dictated that the comic needed to end too. When that happened, the creative team decided to put the final bow on this universe in a very unexpected fashion. As you'll see, things got a little crazy.

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