Mystery Object, Ch. 1-2

'"Mystery Object" is an idea I had for a novel. I’m not a novelist, I don’t have any interest in writing a novel, but if I ever decided to write a novel, this is what I have in my back pocket. On a drive home from a convention, I told Ed Piskor about the idea, and he said I should drop everything and do that as a comic. It was good advice. So in the translation from novel to comic, I ended up making a novelistic, Joycean comic strip.' -- Tom Scioli

The unshackled brain behind TRANSFORMERS VS G.I. JOE and DC's SUPER POWERS tries his hand at a very different kind of project...

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DC REBIRTH #1: The Death of Pandora?

A panel and a page from DC REBIRTH #1. It is a very strong "homage page" to WATCHMEN.

In 1985, Alan Moore did a 12 issue superhero story about how much he hated the Margaret Thatcher Administration. It had a strong impact on superhero comics. Maybe DC REBIRTH will explore that idea in a meta way. "Everyone hated Thatcher, she nearly ruined England, but it is time to move on."

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