Mar. 8th, 2017

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 So I've only just realised that it's International Women's Day today and hadn't sorted anything out for scans_daily, which is a little embarrassing.

So whilst encouraging anyone to post their favourite female led moment (new or old), a quick straw poll might be interesting.

So, in this thread, name your favourite female character in comics and, if you can, why! It doesn't matter if someone has already named a character, let's hear your reasons too!

I'd say there was a prize for the best entry, but you'd never believe me, and because in this sort of situation, there are no losers!

Kingpin #2

Mar. 8th, 2017 03:32 pm
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"We also are trying to show a little more of who Kingpin is behind the crime. We want to see his compassionate side, find out why he does what he does, what he cares about. He’s still a bad man, but he’s not *just* a bad man." -- Matthew Rosenberg

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"When the teenage brothers Frank and Joe Hardy are accused of the murder of their father – a detective in the small resort town of Bayport – they must team up with the femme fatale Nancy Drew to prove their innocence (and find the real guilty party in the process) in a twisting, hard-boiled tale, complete with double-crosses, deceit and dames."

- Dynamite Entertainment press release

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