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NS: DC June 2017 Solicitations

Covers and other solicitations here.

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[personal profile] lucean2017-03-20 09:13 pm

NS: DC announced their next event crossover

So big comic book events are a fact of life at the mometn for several reasons and it was inevitable that DC would be announcing their next big comic book event. However, this is something I found myself intrigued by for a couple of reasons which I will expand upon beneath the cut. The announcement can be found here.

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Fanart First Day of Spring

It's officially the first day of spring (or so my Google Doodle tells me) and that means it's officially the borthday of one Richard Grayson.

So that means, and also since it's a cold, wet Monday and could use some cheering up, it's time to post a few pieces of fanart of young Mr Grayson (though he is, of course, now technically in his late 70's)

NassoIb on DeviantArt

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