The Flintstones #7 - "Another Day on Earth"

"When you watch the original Flintstones one thing that strikes you is, yeah, it's very much supposed to be a parody of America in the early '60s, but one thing that strikes you is really how good they had it.

"I mean, Fred is a guy who just works in a quarry, but he can own a house, goes bowling. Barney has spare time to invent a helicopter. It was very much a vision of what America could have, and probably should have, been. It's a sort of paradise for working and lower middle class people.

"The reality of what has happened since then is incredibly different, so I wanted to speak more to how we failed the original vision of all the good things civilization was supposed to provide average people and how we sort of let that slip away."
-- Mark Russell

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Off-Topic Tuesday!

In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

Attempting to discuss the talking points of the UK or US political situation would probably take about

Paul Rand had to be taught how "Insurance" works, but that's okay, because Trump had to be taught how NATO is funded (AFTER tweeting about how NATO is funded). I

Angela Merkel demonstrated on multiple occasions during her visit that "WTF?!" is a facial expression that transcends any spoken language.

The US has banned electronic equipment like cameras, laptops, and DVD players as carry-on luggage from eight Middle Eastern and North African countries.

The FBI are investigating claims of interference in the 2016 US election by Russia. At the same time they have flatly contradicted the POTUS claims about him being wiretapped, and confirmed that the UK hadn't done it at their behest either, to the surprise of no one other than the POTUS.

A reminder to UK based members that the clocks go forward 1 hour this Sunday, and our society goes back 60 years starting next Wednesday.

Just to be reminded that there IS still good in the world though, here are four young women who have used Gofundme to better their community and the world in general.

And today is World Down Syndrome Day, a global event to raise awareness of the condition, and seeking to give those who have Downs Syndrome, and their advocates, greater influence on the Government policies and actions which impact on them.

Hulk #3


Cosmopolitan: When it was first announced that Jennifer Walters would be taking over the Hulk title, was there any backlash from fans?

Mariko Tamaki: I haven’t seen any. Some people are immediately like, “Yes, this is gonna be it! We’re gonna do this! I’m super excited!” and some people are like, “We’ll see.” I think there’s a trepidation when a new person comes in and starts writing for a character, which I accept. I accept that trepidation, I understand it, I have the same trepidation when I see someone new is writing a hero or doing something different with a hero, but I think mostly people are just excited to see more Hulk.

Editor Mark Paniccia: This is one of those headlines that people see and it really sparks their interest. They see that Jennifer Walters, who’s been known as the She-Hulk for all this time, is stepping into a Hulk role. It makes them curious. They want to see what this is all about. This is an opportunity to take a really cool, interesting look at a character and do something completely different than we’ve ever done with her before. Really at the heart of it, this is a Hulk story. It’s man versus monster, but in this case it’s woman versus monster.

Mariko Tamaki: What could be better than woman versus monster?

- From an interview at Cosmopolitan

Story By: Mariko Tamaki
Art By: Nico Lean

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NS: Marvel June Solicitations

Covers and full solicitations here.

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Britannia's a four-issue miniseries from Valiant.

It's written by Peter Milligan and drawn by Juan José Ryp.

It opens in Etrusca, on the chief of the Vestal Virgins and a centurion of the Italian First Legion.

She, Rubria, had a task for him, Antonius Axia- rescue one of hers from a local cult.

She put it to him unofficially, because it wouldn't do to lose face by asking for official help.

He took three legionnaires to face the cult.

There was the shedding of blood, and then him and the one he'd gone to save.

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