Apr. 7th, 2017

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"Mikel [Janin] drew him naked for the scene. I think it's a sort of inside joke with Grayson because he always drew Grayson with his shirt off. I looked at it and it came out of my mouth: 'Should we put clothes on him now?' There was something about it I like. He was so confident in his prison. He knew exactly who he was and he didn't give a f***.

"He had no care in the world. But it was just a sign of his power over all those people. Like, dude, I am the perfect god here and gods don't wear clothes. You know? To me, it was a symbol of that, a symbol of his willpower.

"I think what you're seeing in 'I Am Bane,' the arc that's coming up is he puts the clothes back on, he's got the Venom going back on, and those, to Bane, are signs of weakness, in that when he takes the Venom and leaves Santa Prisca, in my head that's a sort of sign he's giving into his worst impulses in a weak sort of way. His moment of strength was when he was comfortable with himself and not wearing any clothes."
-- Tom King

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