Apr. 17th, 2017

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We join our heroes reaching the great computer of the skies, whereupon Rincewind is promptly plunged into blackness...

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Three months ago.

The universe was in deadly peril. The world's greatest heroes were summoned into space to battle reality's ultimate evil.

Our mentors. Our guardians. Our parents. Our teachers.

They left.

And they didn't come back.

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Nemesis #1

Apr. 17th, 2017 11:18 pm
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"What if this genius billionaire was just this total shit, and the only thing that stood between him and a city was the cops? It’s Batman versus Commissioner Gordon, in a weird way. Or maybe a super-villain version of Se7en. A billionaire anarchist up against ordinary people. The Joker’s the best thing in the Batman movies, so this guy is a bit of an amalgamation of all the stuff we like."

- Mark Millar

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"We all wish that we could do that and we need to be inspired to do that when it comes to being strong. Not of course to punch our fist through people’s faces, but that’s the most exciting thing about being able to tell these stories. Finally, a gay couple gets to be the heroes and get to tell stories, where, for a relative rarity, we don’t die at the end. We’re the heroes now and finally we get to be in that space." -- Steve Orlando

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