Apr. 22nd, 2017

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"I have to admit a kind of reticence toward the trend I am seeing for female superheroines appearing to be… light and silly, like they’re engaging in cosplay or something. I very much dislike the Ravager’s mask on those grounds because the huge Spider-Man eyelets are too whimsical for this book. A lot of the super girls I am seeing are smiling and posing for the camera and don’t seem to be taking what they do very seriously. [...] I dunno, to me, it feels a little sexist. I mean, I’m happy women are reading comics, don’t get me wrong. But I want the gravity of Miller-era Elektra in Daredevil, and what I am seeing more or less echoes the CW version of Supergirl in different costumes and voices." -- Christopher J. Priest

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Post-Secret Wars, my Marvel list has dropped down to Power man and Iron Fist (Cancelled), Hulk, Thor, Gwenpool and Hawkeye. They're all really good books, offering a different take on life in the Marvel world, and with strong authorial voices. New York based Private Investigator Jessica Jones has dropped by on LA based Private Investigator (but don't ask to see her licence) Kate Bishop.

Jess is on a case that links up with a skeevy guy Kate has been keeping tabs on. The trail takes them to a party where getting in isn't as easy as you might want.
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If, like Kate and Jessica, you think that shooting arrows would solve problems, but, unlike Kate and Jessica, you're in Great Britain and have nothing to do from the 16th to 18th of June, why not take part in Archery Big Weekend? There is almost certainly a club nearby that will be putting on a fun event for beginners.


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