May. 5th, 2017

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Adapting the Lantern mythos' Big Bad Bug, featuring some do's and don'ts from Smallville. Plus, which color power ring should Alex Danvers get? Check it!
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"A little while back, Grant Morrison and I were discussing the old Superman lore, specifically all the various items he had in the Fortress of Solitude. He had that giant key, and the Bottle City of Kandor, but he also had a Zone-a-phone. It was a device that Superman used to look into the Phantom Zone. And, whenever Superman would look into it all he ever saw were these people shouting 'I hate you, Superman!' and 'I'm going to get you for this!'

"So, the obvious question came up: Why would anyone want to keep a device like this in their house?! A device that is just full of people telling you how much they despise you whenever you turn it on! And then I realized that I had a Zone-a-phone in my house; it's called the Internet."
-- Mark Waid

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"The difference between the Wolfman or Johns’ Deathstroke is I’ve taken their interpretations of the character and made them more internal. Deathstroke no longer brags about how great he is, he simply goes and does. You define character by action — by what they do, rather than having characters standing around yawn talking for 20 pages. They go, they do. We stop writing down to fans but allow them to interpret character and draw their own conclusions — Deathstroke is an arrogant, emotionally crippled person. I don’t have anyone telling the fans that, I don’t have any captions saying that. Fans are not stupid and they don’t like being condescended to. Most fans I know tend to read analytically and enjoy writing on both the narrative and subtextual level." -- Christopher J. Priest

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"Basically what it is is just the story about one day in the life of this guy who sort of mysteriously wakes up in the middle of a wheat field with no idea how he got there. He gets quickly befriended, I guess, by Christian, an ex-Bible salesman who pulls him along on a meth-induced crime spree. And, y’know, there’s people out to kill them, he has no idea what is going on, full on suffering from amnesia and not knowing why he’s there and why these people are after him. He’s just sort of a victim, dragged along from one crime scene to another.

There’s more to it than that, but it’s kind of like… I don’t know the best way to describe this succinctly or to put this into thoughts, but it’s kind of like in a lot of ways — I realized halfway through — it’s tonally sort of a lot like all the 80’s cult films that I grew up watching. Just that sort of, just craziness going on for all four issues."

- Ed Brisson

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