May. 6th, 2017

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It began in the year 2520.

It then jumped back five hundred years, to King Turok of the Lost Valley.

He stood, a troubled protector.

To his brother Andar, he spoke again of his dreams.

" I dreamt of a great death, taking root in my valley and spreading throughout the world.

" A roaring shadow.. "

It was not an appropriate dream for the occasion. )
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"They only slapped my wrist a couple of times. Once was when I originally had the animals and humans having conversations with each other. They said no, as part of the continuity of the Hanna-Barbera universe, the animals can talk to the animals, the humans can talk to humans, but they never communicate across the species border. [...] And then the other thing they wouldn't let me do is, I had a cocaine addicted rat." -- Mark Russell

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Today is, as I hope many of you will have noticed, Free Comic Book Day, the 15th such occassion

We would encourage you to, if you are able, support your local comics shop, many of whom will be holding events to promote the comics, and the comics medium in general.

Personally, I managed to fail pretty much completely, as by the time I got to my LCS they were already entirely out of all the FCBD titles (Which irks me a little as I had been hoping to get the first Miraculous Ladybug comic (As opposed to a photomontage of images from TV episodes), but that's life) They DID have some leftover from last Halloween's giveaway comic day, but it just wasn't the same. :( On the plus side, they did have their first ever actual queue waiting for them to open up this morning, so they were very pleased with that.

A reminder that the normal 1/3 rule does not apply to FCBD releases, but we would ask they not be posted until tomorrow, since we do wish to motivate people to support their comic shop if they can. After tomorrow the comics may be available from websites etc, but


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