May. 7th, 2017

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In this edition of Catch-Up:

- Harley Quinn reacts properly to explosions.

- Doctor Fate is beaten by a new, difficult opponent.

- And Calendar Man celebrates an eventful birthday. Check it!

Words: Tom Taylor
Art: Bruno Redondo

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We accidentally blackballed this issue before covering the Batman/Green Lanterns arc, so let's go into it now as an example of how Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz could work, TV-wise.
Plus, what color is an anxiety Lantern? Check it!

Words: Sam Humphries
Art: Miguel Mendonca
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"A lot of times with big events, big story events, the central conflict or the heart of it isn't always, you know... Perhaps I shouldn't be saying this but it's not always incredibly resonant. Sometimes it feels like some cosmic thing has popped up and everybody's got to fight and sort of deal with it. I think I Vs. X as its heart, you know, it's a survival issue for both sides. You totally understand why each side would go to the mat on this. And so it becomes there's an emotional core to every single scene. Whether it's Inhumans or X-Men or whatever's going on, you know at their heart why people are behaving the way they're behaving, even when they're doing terrible things." - Charles Soule

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This just came out in the US so I figured I'd make a post here. For those who have seen it, what did you think?

As an aside I'd like to also recommend James Gunn's two early films, Slither and Super. Slither is a sci-fi/horror/comedy starring Yondu himself Michael Rooker as a guy taken over by an alien parasite. Super is a dark comedy starring Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page as two psychotic wannabe superheroes. As a warning both films are rated R and are pretty graphic but if you're a fan of the GotG's oddball humor you might get a kick out of them.
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"One of the guys who got to preview the FCBD while we were on stage started screaming uncontrollably while reading it." - Nick Spencer

Posting only 1/3 to not undermine FCBD as a sales tool for comic shops )
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And here we are, at The Light Fantastic Four, the eighth and final chapter. The final battle fits fairly snugly into 11 pages, so I'm going to go with that.

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