May. 10th, 2017

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"My final thought on the completion of my single longest comic run to date? It was all just so much FUN. It always felt like there was so much possibility in these characters, and I tried to live up to that. If you read this run from start to finish, you'll get one huge, interconnected story, with a wonderful main character in Medusa. This book was always about the queen - her struggles to hold her nation together, and her ultimate success even at great personal cost. Inhumanity is about change, and we see that happen in spades, to the extent that the future of these characters could contain anything at all (as it should be!). The books contained Game of Thrones-style intrigue, super hero action, romance, meditations on grief and humanity, weird humor, you name it." - Charles Soule

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Do you want some more MCU-style Guardians of the Galaxy tales starring Rocket Raccoon doing heists written by Al Ewing and featuring a classic Marvel UK villain team? Of course you do.

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Kingpin #4

May. 10th, 2017 11:59 am
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"I don’t want to tell the reader who to trust and who not to trust here. Wilson Fisk has done a lot of bad things, and he is honest about that. He is a man asking for forgiveness, and that is a personal thing. I hope every reader, like the characters in the book, will weigh whether or not he deserves it. And maybe some won’t think he does. The story works in that case too, I hope. Fisk genuinely wants to accomplish big changes in his life and go down a different path. Personally, I hope he can." - Matthew Rosenberg

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In honor of the upcoming Wonder Woman film (which I am praying to the old gods and the new is good) here are some random moments from the original Wonder Woman series.

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Some pages from Silver Surfer #11, Secret Warriors #1, and Uncanny Avengers #23.

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