May. 14th, 2017

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 Oddly, Madonna's "Til Death Do Us Part" played on my iPod earlier (yes im old fashioned don't judge me) and it sort of influenced this post.

From Wonder Woman #7

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King has obviously had an amazing year, and I can't help but think his use of the nine-panel grid and formalist work is exactly what Moore would have been hoping for post-Watchmen rather than people just making everything violent. He's so good he scares me a little. -- Kieron Gillen

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Hi, guys. My name is spider_man6. I joined a couple months back, and have been loving being able to comment on this site. Considering that next month is the one-year anniversary of DC's "Rebirth" initiative, I thought I'd start a little discussion so I could get other opinions of it. The main thing is this; say what you like about Rebirth, your favorite book, something you don't like, and something (characters, book, storyline) you wish to see happen in Rebirth during the future. Just a suggestion.

Personally, I think Rebirth had been a huge success, allowing DC to bring back tons of liked old things while also kickstarting new characters and stories. My favorite book is Detective Comics; I love the creative team, the stories, the characters, and most of all Clayface's redemption. Something I don't enjoy is Justice League. I'm not a fan of the book's convoluted stories and characterizations. In the future, I hope to see DC use Rebirth as a chance to give Elongated Man (who returned prior to Rebirth in Secret Six) another appearance or his own book.


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