Jul. 1st, 2017

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It's the first of four issues.

Written by Eric Heisserer (who wrote the screenplay for last year's Arrival) and drawn by Raúl Allén, it's the establishment of the premise and introduction of the cast.

It's done by focusing each panel on the actions of a single character (or group of characters).

The " sets ", the environments of the scenes, have plenty of open space- the characters particularly stand out, even when they're not in the foreground.

There're no background characters- anyone who's in a panel's playing an obvious role in its events.

These things effectively tell the story of its protagonists and antagonist, who's the sort that's a monster.

He's the kind that keeps on coming. )
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"I have a reputation around the offices for an intense and very detailed love of DC Comics characters. Pitching characters that editors haven’t heard of in years and years that haven’t appeared in decades and decades. That sort of rich love of the DC Universe is why they thought of me for JLA. It’s a book that pulls together a diverse array of characters and interests and settings and explores the wonder and awe of the DCU. That’s the way I feel about the characters and the company." - Steve Orlando

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