Jul. 6th, 2017

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I’ve asked DC Comics to send a preview copy to Christianity Today. No word yet on if they’ve done so. But I’d really like comics to take more and greater chances and to expand our audience beyond the traditional market. There are *billions* of dollars– with a “B” –to be made in the evangelical market. It mystifies me as to why neither DC nor Marvel are in it.

I doubt any Christian bookstore would carry Deathstroke #20, mainly because it questions religion as much as embraces it. With traditional Christian bookstore chains, there’s a certain quantity of Kool Aid that must be consumed, which misses the mark of Christ’s message by about a mile.

Great art, great books and great music are typically banned from these chains which insist on a kind of inoffensive rounding off of reality and adherence to an evangelical message. In my experience, questioning my faith has only strengthened it.

-- Christopher J. Priest

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