Jul. 10th, 2017

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"This speaks to me of a guy who, like I perceive Doom, doesn't believe that he should own the world because he feels like he is worthy and nobody else recognizes it. To me, Doctor Doom's big secret, although he would never even admit it to himself, is that he wants to own the world because secretly he believes that if he does, it will validate all the things he wants to believe about himself. It's a complete 180 of the way we tend to think about Doom." – Mark Waid

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So apparently there's an upcoming Junji Ito anime anthology coming soon. Based on the available art it appears they're adapting several stories that you might recognize from posts I've made throughout the years here. 

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'So here I am doing something effectively brand new, where literally every page is to some extent an experiment, and the kno-nothings sift thru the issues with a magnifying glass -- or read them in a format for which they were not intended -- and cry foul when they find something less than perfection. Instead of, as in the review, enjoying the experiments even when they don't work! (I'm reasonably certain many of these are the same people who grouse about the "shoddy" sets and special effects on TOS.)' - John Byrne

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