Jul. 30th, 2017

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'I have long pointed to the Green Lantern Corps as the definitive example of what I consider one of the chief problems with DC Comics -- what I have dubbed the "de-uniquing" of characters. Got a cool character like Superman? Well then, let's give the identical powers to a girl, a dog, a horse, a monkey, a cat, a few billion bottled Kryptonians... Think Batman is neat? Then you're gonna love it when we attach the same schtick to a woman, two girls, a dog, and even some people from different time periods -- oh, yeah, and his Dad! This kind of thinking really reached its zenith with the GLC. Think Hal Jordan is the bee's knees? Well -- there's, like, 3500 of him!' - John Byrne

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'The most amazing thing about the whole series, for me, tho, was how fascinated -- and in some cases even obsessed! -- some readers became over the identity of Bruce Wayne's wife! Logically, of course, she would have been Julie Madison, who was introduced as his fiancee in an early story, and who he would surely have married in the "real time" environment of GENERATIONS. But just by hiding her face, I got people lathered up. And, you know, that's what reading these here comic books should be all about!' - John Byrne

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