Aug. 2nd, 2017

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'Over the years, a few writers and artists have tried to swim against the [grim and gritty] tide -- as I did with GENERATIONS, for instance. In fact, when I did BATMAN & CAPTAIN AMERICA, which basically spawned G1 when Marvel and DC decided not to play nice any more, I said I hoped my book would be popular enough to create a new "trend" in comics -- FUN! I also said, tho, looking back on how "relevant" had spun down into "grim and gritty", that I expected if "fun" did catch on it would not be long before it became "goofy".' - John Byrne

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"We called it "Band of Brothers vs Blackwater" from very early on. Band of Brothers in the sense of a loose alliance of (mostly) Allies for our good guys, and Blackwater in the sense of something American, but mercenary, very high-tech, dystopian, from some version of 2016 or so. But we needed a story-mechanism to get those two halves head to head."

- William Gibson

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We would have put [Robin] on Defiance (Deathstroke’s Teen Titans) but I was told Damian is currently “overexposed.” It would have been a hoot, though, and just think of the fun everyone could have bashing me! -- Christopher J. Priest

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MediSin #1

Aug. 2nd, 2017 11:04 pm
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"I always wondered where the super villains went after the battles to get patched up. They couldn’t just walk into a regular hospital or they’d be arrested for their crimes. They would clearly need an alternate form of medicine, something a bit unusual."

- Jeff Dyer

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