Aug. 7th, 2017

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"In some ways, I'm kinda glad I didn't get to do [my Captain Marvel idea]. GENERATIONS addressed, at least in part, some of the negative aspects of being superheroes, and I planned to continue that with Captain Marvel. My intent was to have middle-aged Billy Batson spending more and more time as Cap -- who was now YOUNGER than Billy -- and in so doing neglecting his wife and teenaged kids. If you grimace reading that, it's quite okay. I sorta do myself!" - John Byrne

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'One of my personal disappointments with G3, oft mentioned, was that DC's insistence that I "take it forward" broke the pattern and lost, I thought, much of the charm. By moving "ahead" of the DCU I lost many of the points of recognition that had been such a a big part of the FUN of the first two.' - John Byrne

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