Aug. 13th, 2017

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'When you're likely to live forever, perceptions are going to change, and sometimes drastically. Some of the readers who took time to respond to the series were apparently not ready for my musings! There was a ripple of outrage when Bruce Wayne became involved with, and eventually married to, Lara Wayne, his "great granddaughter". Many people seemed to stick on the language, and overlook the fact that Bruce and Lara had no blood relationship.' - John Byrne

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It's well known that Archie Comics was one of the leading publishers behind the implementation of the Comics Code Authority which kept comics squeaky-clean and decent for the tiny tots. But are you familiar with the expression "getting crap past the radar?"

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Here are two examples of two times Hal Jordan, having just gotten his Green Lantern ring for the first time, needed a mask in a hurry. One time he wanted one. The other time...

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Long time no post. This week I manually backed up my photobucket account and deleted it (shakes fist at greedy monkeys who run Photobucket). In the process, I found some scans that I uploaded there but never posted here. So without further ado, here is Evangeline #2, "Hate Boat," from 1984. The entire issue was online for a while on artist Judith Hunt's webpage, but the site's gone, so have 9/28 pages.

For those who weren't here last time, my post on Evangeline #1 is here. The TL/DR: an old sadly never-reprinted series by Chuck Dixon and Judith Hunt. In the 22nd century, Evangeline is a nun who performs black ops and assassinations for the Vatican. Cross the church and she'll be sent to cross you out.

Evangeline #2 fc

Evangeline vs a lot of bad guys, poor bad guys )And yes, because Chuck Dixon was doing the writing, the next issue features dinosaurs, as well as the final fate of Mr. Frye.

But because the mid 80's were a dark time for indie comics publishers, it took 3 years for the dinosaur issue to appear - Comico went under, then the company that picked up the series went under after putting out a special (which just reprinted issues 1 and 2), then finally First Comics braved the curse and published 12 more issues. Dixon and Hunt parted ways after the first 4, though, and the latter part of the run doesn't quite have the same élan.

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