Sep. 5th, 2017

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

The North Korean situation continues, with no clear idea as to what might emerge, the (completely predictable) failure of the world's great powers to agree on a course of action means that everything is still pretty much in headless chicken mode, and it's not clear what the next step might be.

Speaking of resisting oppressive regimes, the "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" toy launch day of "Force Friday" seemed to be more of a damp squib than last time, with not a lot going on in any toys shops I heard about, but we did learn that The Last Jedi will feature a First Order equivalent for BB-8, a black and silver model named BB-9E (Though I think I like the fan name of BB-H8 better)

And for those wanting to remember a time when the US President was capable of measured, thoughtful turns of phrase and not limited to 140 characters, the letter that Obama left for Trump has been released, and it's a thing to treasure. of course, the passage about making sure he spent time with his family and loved ones, seems to have been misinterpreted to mean "give them all jobs on staff".

Meanwhile, a 7 year old girl in Cornwall has pulled a four foot sword from the lake where, according to legend, King Arthur threw Excalibur.

Look, I'm not saying that strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is any basis for a system of government, but based on where the current shower have left the UK at the moment, I'd be prepared to give her a go, she'd have to work quite hard to do worse.

And speaking of Brexit... well, "shambolic" doesn't even begin to cover it. It does seem to becoming clear to a lot of people (who don't write for the Daily Mail, Sun or Express at any rate) that there was a LOT of deception and lying going on about how easy it would be to leave the EU, but alas those in power have invested too much of their egos in the situation to back down now.

Speaking of unidentifiable stains (See, I can do subtle political segues), the University of Illinois has put a list of literally thousands of stains and how to remove them online. Scans_Daily, come for the comics, stay for the domestic salvation... or info for cleaning up your crime-scene, we won't judge.

It's exactly 25 years to the day since Batman: The Animated series had it's worldwide debut (Not in the US as you might have assumed, but in the UK, where we got "The Cat and the Claw Pt1" at 9:30am, several hours before the US got "On Leather Wings". I'm not goint to deny the US got a better episode to start with, but still...)

The BBC are running a season called "100 Women" about inspiring and influential women and intending to address; the glass ceiling, female illiteracy, harassment in public spaces and sexism in sport. So, to start with, here are nine things you possibly didn't know were invented by women

Oh, and John Barrowman's most recent cosplay is perhaps his most entertaining yet (and hopefully slightly less tone-deaf than his comments when cosplaying as the TARDIS). I've never been a huge fan of his acting, but appreciate his skills as an entertainer, but daaaaamn, those LEGS!

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I became a big fan of Richard Dragon after O'Neill used him as a sensei during his Question run in the mid-80's. It reached a point where it became my go-to handle whenever I need to register to something without using my true name, replacing the Riddler (huh, goes to show how old this account is).

So I decided to tackle his old comics, fully aware that they were pure kung-fu exploitation, and he wouldn't have the calm demeanor he shows in the Question run. To my surprise, they are quite passable, but issue #3 is a gem in itself, since it is illustrated by none other than Jack Kirby himself.

Enter the Dick Dragon... no, wait... )

And what a coincidence: 100 years of Kirby, 100th use of the Kirby tag!
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"My Frank Sinatra bio comic is available now. It's the greatest bio comic ever." - Matthew Petz

Read more... )
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Issue #6's focus was Mr. Freeze.

It opened in Alaska, three hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Batman entered a research station and saw its occupants frozen.

He heard sounds.

" Victor! "

He turned.

" What have you done? "

What Victor'd done came out of the shadows. )


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