Sep. 6th, 2017

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In the original comics, I found it ironic that The Good King Whose Name Is Unspoken was condemned, primarily, for wanting to destroy a terrible weapon designed to wipe out all of mankind. Yes, there were allusions to the Good King becoming The Mad King, but Black Bolt ultimately challenged his monarch because The King had stolen, with intent to destroy, The Slave Engine. Now, I’m unclear of how that choice makes Black Bolt a “pure” hero any more than his attempts to destroy an obvious weapon of terrible evil made the King a “Mad” King. -- Christopher J. Priest

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In my posts about Usagi Yojimbo characters, I've profiled Usagi himself, Tomoe, Jotaro and Gen. I'm now tackling a big fan favourite: the fox thief Kitsuné.

Kitsuné is, as her namesake in Japanese tradition, a trickster fox, inasmuch as she steals and cons to make ends meet. She has a naturally bubbly, friendly disposition, but don't let that fool you - she might consider you her best friend and yet cheat you blind. She is always putting herself first, except when it comes to her protegé Kiyoko, who is becoming quite an adept con artist and pickpocket herself.

Kitsuné's origin story was told in UY's #52, and it is a somewhat sadder story than most of her tales (barring "Noodles", which is a veritable punch in the gut). It is also the story that introduces Kiyoko to the ever-growing UY character roster.

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This story was collected in Book 16: The Shrouded Moon and Usagi Yojimbo Saga vol. 3.

Kitsuné's popularity is enduring, and Stan is using her a lot in his recent stories. She was featured recently in the hilarious "The Thief and the Kunoichi" (#145-147) and is in the most recent issue, a two-parter called "A Body in the Library" (#161, already released, and 162).

Next up: Jei-san, the Blade of the Gods!
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The fun part of this book was that I originally had developed some of the pitch as a mini-series around Crusher. Just around the time I was getting ready to pitch it to Marvel, editor Wil Moss came to me and said that since I have a background in science fiction and fantasy he was thinking about me for “Black Bolt.” I said, “It’s funny, because I have this back pocket pitch that I was going to send you.”

Then when we bounced these things off of each other they just immediately meshed. That’s where this story came from. So Crusher predates Black Bolt as far as Marvel characters I’ve wanted to write about. He’s a hero to me, even if he’s a villain.
-Saladin Ahmed

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