Sep. 15th, 2017

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The letterer for Groo, the illustrator for 47 Ronin, the creator/writer/illustrator/letterer/inker/authority supreme for Usagi Yojimbo, Stan Sakai has found the time to do some one-offs too. According to the man himself, he worked on a short Hulk story called "Oni", a "Peanuts" strip, an interlude in "Queen and Country". I also found a Star Wars story, and somebody in a forum mentioned a Rocketeer and a Grendel story.

I was unable to find the "Queen and Country", "Peanuts", "Grendel" and "Rocketeer" excerpts, but I do have the Hulk and the Star Wars stories to share below.

Banner-yielder is hit by Gama's rays )
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In the fourth digital issue of Bombshells United, Marcelo DiChiara takes over art duty, which prompts me to ask:
Does this look like an adult Wonder Woman to you?

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Treasure Chest was a comic book series published biweekly and distributed in Catholic schools across America from 1946 to 1972. In addition to continuing features like "Chuck White" about a kid who came from a mixed Catholic-Protestant marriage, it had fact-based stories, and public service pieces like the one I'm about to present.

I don't have a cover or issue number for this, but the mention of Pope Pius sets the story somewhere in the 1950s, and Treasure Chest's run during those years is in the public domain.

What are the principles that a Scout holds? )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Men working for the man he was after chased him.

That man, atop the Monument, took his call.

Batman accused him of orchestrating the end of the world through the works of Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and the Mad Hatter.

He said that those were only a lesson.

" I was showing you the three most likely ways the world would end.

" Cataclysm.

" Plague.

" Solipsism.

" Those are the ways the world would have ended, in a year, maybe five, if it wasn't ending here now. Tonight. In a fourth way. My way. "

He aimed his sniper rifle at Batman, who was closing in.

He asked what it was that'd pointed the way to him.

" ..

" I found a ' daemon. ' "

He pulled the trigger, shooting Batman's cycle out from under him.

He, Ra's al Ghul, watched Batman and the cycle's wreckage fly through the air.

He looked down on his work. )


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