Sep. 16th, 2017

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"Read Surfer 13 lettering, cried & gave notes. Read the office's pass w/ notes & cried. Read the 2nd pass, cried. Am now dehydrated from a comic." - Dan Slott

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When I originally pitched this series, Galactus was going to change back at the end. It was baked into him turning gold in the first place – it was going to be a tragedy arc, a rise and fall. He would sacrifice what he had gained to save Eternity. (Readers saw what this probably would have looked like when Anti-Man sacrificed his life for Galactus back in #6.)

But a funny thing happened. The more I wrote Gold Galactus, the more I wanted to write him, and everything that sprang out of him. Purple Galactus was done – so done that he was a dialogue shorthand, so clichéd that my friends were using him as a joke – but this felt new. An ocean of possibility. So many new stories could come out of this. After a while, turning him Purple again felt like an act of vandalism, like putting a brick through my own window. And for what? The same old rise and fall story? Ugh, I just couldn’t do it. It went against everything in me.

-- Al Ewing

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X-TREME X-MEN #24 is the start of "God Loves, Man Kills II" Electric Boogaloo. Yes, I made a joke about a 1984 Golan-Globus movie.

Here are three pages where Kitty Pryde talks to a psychiatrist about the events in the original GOD LOVES, MAN KILLS, as well as other continuity nods.

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WHAT? No cheese-dipping wandering barbarian here?

Let's try and rectify it, shall we?

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There's an Usagi Yojimbo story that pays homage to Groo and ends with this last scene.
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Squirrel Girl faces the challenge of fighting some bad guys. Will she beat the bad guys? She usually does, admittedly, but it’s always possible that this is the time she won’t. I mean, we killed off Cannonball. -- Al Ewing

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'Star Wars is a setting that’s informed by many genres. There’s all these little bits and pieces here and there. So we’re focusing on this one very specific section and seeing what we can do with it in a Star Wars way. We really leaned into it as well. So by the end of the first episode it’s like, “Oh yeah! They’re totally doing gothic horror.” Than by the end of the crossover, it’s, “They really did Gothic Horror.”' - Kieron Gillen

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