Sep. 29th, 2017

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Dark Horse: "WHAT A SCOOP!

Let’s go to press! The most intrepid reporter in Groo’s world, Weaver, is back, accompanied as usual by his assistant, Scribe. This time, they try reporting the truth about Groo, but of course no one believes them."

The series' main arc - namely, the little girl looking for her father (or is it the little boy looking for his mother?) - is beginning to take center stage from this adventure on.

When did the press ever report fake news? )

Weaver is an avatar of Mark Evanier, who shares writing duties in Groo with Sérgio Aragonés. Scribe is letterer Stan Sakai, also the author of my favourite comic series, Usagi Yojimbo. Ergo, he is also my favourite character in Groo's universe, if not for the sheer number of references to Usagi (he wears the bunny ronin's crest and the kimono has pretty much the same pattern).

Next: Pal 'n Drumm (say it out loud...).
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Originally, Megatron was an incredible thinker who advocated non-violent resistance. He was in the Tony Benn mould, an international socialist. He campaigned for emancipation and equality, but eventually concluded the system had been engineered to withstand any form of dissent – other than force. -- James Roberts

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I don’t believe that governments known much more about aliens and UFOs than we do. And I don’t think they actually care very much. Their intelligence services, on the other hand, I think do have a lot to do with UFO mythology, in all sorts of ways. I believe there’s a reality behind this incredibly varied and layered mythology, but I don’t think anyone knows what it is. I’m sympathetic to those who’ve observed and experienced impossible things. I actually think any government that achieved genuine alien contact would shout about the fact from the rooftops. -- Paul Cornell

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I particularly enjoy that my detective is a lunatic Anglo-Indian gentleman and my spy is basically Idris Elba with his head shaved. I like the picture of the British Isles that it makes. Mad geniuses who dress like mad geniuses. Don’t look at me. I’m not crying. -- Warren Ellis

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