Sep. 30th, 2017

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Dark Horse: "The world’s stupidest warrior encounters two old friends who are most definitely foes: Pal ’n’ Drumm—the greatest of con artists and his sidekick, the world’s second-stupidest warrior."

This is probably the most straightforward issue of the series, so not many comments from yours truly:

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Next: Taranto and his band of thieves!
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"I’ve always been interested in the peripheral characters in an epic superhero world: what do they do when they go home to their apartment? How do they make money? Pass the time? Do they have friends, coworkers? How can these mythic stories coexist with mundane ones? I wanted to shift the perspective of a big superhero comic to focus on the smaller and more relatable stories happening just outside the panels."

- Kristen Gudsnuk

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