Oct. 4th, 2017

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If you’ve ever had a deaf friend, you know that reading an email from a deaf person is no different from reading an email from any other person. That was a revelation for me and it changed my way of thinking about my deaf friends, many of whom I’d stupidly regarded as either less engaged or even less intelligent. They’re not. They’re informed, perceptive, brilliant. They are funny. My prejudice had been depriving them of much of their humanity. By allowing Jericho to speak mechanically, I’ve been able to explore the character in greater depth and have him emerge as a more rounded character capable of realizing a much greater potential. -- Christopher J. Priest

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We’re trying to elevate Riddler the way that movie elevated the Joker. Sort of be a villain worthy of that much attention. -- Tom King

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Stan Sakai does a great job at creating unique characters, with motivations, aspirations and fears we all can relate to. Whether primarily comical, serious, greedy, honest, cowardly, they all possess a depth that makes them go beyond those stereotypes. So we care for them, root for them, and when personalities rebound each other, we have a lot of fun with it.

Case in point: serious, dutiful, proud Tomoe Ame x light-hearted, selfish and clever Kitsuné in "The Thief and the Lotus Scroll". With Usagi caught in the middle.

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Another great Kitsuné interaction is with Chizu the ninja. I'll try to post it later.


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