Nov. 4th, 2017

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Usagi Yojimbo draws a lot of its inspiration from the classic samurai movies. "Seven Samurai" inspired a slew of stories, most notably the two-parter "Slavers". "Zatoichi" was turned into Zato-Ino the blind swordspig's tale. And "Yojimbo"... c'mon, really? ;)

The manga "Lone Wolf and Cub" became a film in 1972, and that film was also told in an Usagi story and created a pair of his recurring characters: sword-for-hire Yagi ("Lone Goat") and his son Gorogoro ("Kid").

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This story is collected in Fantagraphic's Usagi Yojimbo Book 5, which bears the same name as this story.
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It's the inverse of the preceding Batman/The Shadow's, which was personal.

The Shadow/Batman #1 last month had Batman realizing that scope.

He'd been given a hint by Professor Pyg.

He and Robin'd stopped the professor's work in New York. )
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Alex came up with the name, but early on, we divided on story. He wanted to co-write but not draw or paint, which was fine, but he had grand cosmic visions of Old Gods and New Gods and stuff I tried and failed to find any emotional connection with. So DC greenlit two projects--KINGDOM, headed up by me, and whatever Ross wanted to do with artist Gene Ha, and I can honestly say I've no idea why that never saw print, except that Alex was lucky or smart or both, because he let me be the one to prove that readers were not eager for continuing that world, at least at the time. But, Jesus God, whether you like the two bookends or not, I got to do five (if I do say so myself) really good comics in the middle, and OFFSPRING is to this day one of the best stories I ever wrote (thank you, artist Frank Quitely). -- Mark Waid

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With great fanfare and positive reviews, Thor: Ragnarok arrived to the theaters and looks to make a lot of money. Having seen the movie, I thought to do a discussion post on the movie here with some thoughts.

Spoilers naturally behind the cut )


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