Nov. 8th, 2017

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You tell me if you feel this way: the world we’re living in now doesn’t make sense to me. I say that not just from a left/right politic thing, but I wake up every day and I see things that I never thought I’d see. I see us close to nuclear war for no reason. I see the Cubs winning the World Series. I see five hurricanes hitting the US. I saw Houston, a city, was drowning. I saw Puerto Rico washed [away]…the world doesn’t make sense anymore. I wanted to write about that, not the politics and all, but that feeling— that paranoid feeling of being trapped in that [and] of wanting to escape. -- Tom King

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"Bruce Wayne can have all of the strategy that he wants, but you can’t make somebody afraid that doesn’t get afraid, someone who can overcome fear. That’s an interesting story to tell." - Robert Venditti

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