Dec. 22nd, 2017

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I know it's not everyone's holiday, but it's mine and it does get me in a kind of sentimental mood... And it also tends to bring that out in fan-artists too, and it's always fun to share such things. So to start with we go to the Batfamily!

This is by tumblr user Tuluxi who kindly agreed for this rather sweet little narrative to be shared.

Do you want to build a sn... Actually, no I'm not going to go down THAT road when it comes to titles.... )
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Interestingly enough, neither in the 30s and 40s, nor more recent depictions, have the artists portrayed the Shadow correctly. It wasn't until Theodore Tinsley (Gibson's backup) wrote his first story that the Shadow was described with his nose showing, Tinsley obviously taking his cue from the pulp covers. Nor did he have the red bandana, although his cloak was red-lined inside. Instead, his cloak had high collars that obscured most of his face, only leaving his intense eyes showing.

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The latest of the late was one of the detectives investigating his murder.

The other, Amarillo, discovered his body and immediately took a head count of everyone else in the mansion.

As she discovered who she couldn't account for, one of those for whom she could thought back.

His thoughts were grey thoughts. )


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