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Titans #24

This is from Titans #24, by Eric J. Wallace and Fabrizio Fiorentino.

Cassie says he has nowhere else to go.

Good job Cassie! (By the way, did you ever turn yourself in for attacking the president?)

In the present, Slade tells the team that they've been hired to kill Luthor (in reality, Luthor's hired Slade to find the person in LexCorp who's planning on killing him, and Luthor is using the team to flush the killer out).

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So I'm guessing the more he kills, the more Isis and Black Adam are restored to life from statue form?
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I read it more like the more he kills, the more the statues will be destroyed.

Mind you, I might just have too high of an opinion of DC's editorial after all.
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I was trying to think of the only thing which might lead him to kill, and saving his sister and Adam from statue-dom was the only one I could think of offhand.
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i don't know... i tend to agree with Zemo, i think the more he kills the more they get destroyed... it doesn't look like its chiping away so much as breaking apart.
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I don't know.. I see pink tissue underneath the crack... like newborn skin.
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That's how I read it as well.

Guess we'll find out eventually.
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I need a meme of that Britney Spears kid screaming, "Leave the Marvel family alone!!!"
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Re: ..

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What is this crap? Osiris was never Black Adam, he was never a killer (on-purpose) and only ever wanted to be a hero. And how would Slade know how to get BA and Isis back? Since when did he become a "magic" expert?

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Uh...because Slade is Super Soldier Jesus? I dunno. *shrug*

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Nah, because if it were killing/destroying Adam and Isis, it wouldn't be via his involuntary actions (as he didn't want to kill that person and didn't do anything to achieve their death)

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I'm thinking it's Adam reaching out through the power he gave Osiris, trying to restore himself and Isis.
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I'm actually seeing it that the more he kills the more Isis and Adam begin to crumble and eventually turn to dust.

At least Osiris is beginning to see that helping Deathstroke has NOTHING to do with Atom and Isis.

Okay, this does not pay off. Wallace had them kill Atom to cement them as a powerful force to be reckoned with. Next arc, they were supposed to try and kill Lex. Having them kill someone else to make it seem like Lex was in actual danger made SOME sense.

Now, because they aren't actually supposed to kill Lex, Atom is seriously killed for nothing.
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good on cassie. some one should realize that he's a still a Titan

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True, but asking him to give himself up for killing Persuader who was threatening his sister while Cassie attacked the President for less reason then that is a bit meh...
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Yeah, has Cassie ever faced formal penalty for treason?
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Nope, 'cause she's blonde and has an American accent, same as Supergirl (somehow).

Wonder Woman is a brunette with a "weird" (a subdialect of Ancient Greek apparently) accent, so she can be arrested 'cause she's foreign.

Also, as the fuss around her book showed, she portrays a deviant lifestyle of vegetarianism and feminism!

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And lets not forget that the attack was instigated by the United States government for no reason, who then broadcast images of Orisis acting like he was proud of the kill.

So yeah, he can totally expect a fair trial.
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Something they forget when they publicly disowned him (in the papers no less, not face to face) after Amanda Waller (who the Titans know all too well) used fake video to discredit him. Apparently Cassie and none of the Titans then (Beast Boy and Raven's 52-era team) could be bothered to ask him what happened. Which led to his death after he got depressed, gave up his powers, and Sobek ate him. THEN, the Titans hypocritically put up a memorial statue to him (as seen in the Blackest Night Titans mini).

Really they should be apologizing to him - not treating him like a pariah still (give himself up indeed). The Titans come out of this looking dreadful.
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Aw, you say that like the Titans haven't looked awful since the Geoff Johns days.

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Before I comment on the Statue's cracking, could someone tell me if Osiris deliberately killed the guy? because from the scans it looks like he did't mean to.
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Oh, wait. Did he just get hit by the magic lightning, and the other guy got caught up in it and fried? That's what it looks like there, and if it was unexpected that would explain Deathstroke's response.
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As Osiris had just said the words "Black Adam" aloud, he certainly should have been hit by the lightning.
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Doesn't the lightning usually hit as soon as you say the word, though? If that's the case, then it's Isis who triggered it, not BA. Which might connect with her statue cracking.

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Hey is this the same Wonder Girl preaching turning one's self in who has never faced the consiquences of commiting treason, and a terrorist act by downing Air Force One during the invasion of Washington D.C. in that stupid stupid Countdown tie in?

Damnit Cassie you used to be cool...
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Well, that was in Shamazons, so maybe everyone just wants to forget.

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that was probably cleared up by Wonder Woman and Superman ages ago. Considering the whole interring women who know Amazons and then trying to shoot them thing.

The government probably wanted to make that go away.
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..... be strong Osiris.... He may killed twice... but they were scum, it doesn't change the fact he murdered them, but it will ease the pain.... in time....sorry he is my favorite character in 52. I shipped him with Trajectory, wanna see?

So... when the will the jolly wizard Shazam will be to... punish Osiris?
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That is very awesome and fell your pain. :(
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Thanks... the pain of what? Osiris loosing his moral guidance? That he killed again without meaning to?
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God am I tired of the Titans being hypocrites. Turn himself in? For what? For Ryan's death (does anyone even know of that yet)? That was Deathstroke.

Or for defending his sister and being set-up back before he "died"? Wasn't it enough that the Titans publicly abandoned him and washed their hands of him leading to his depression and eventual death. Now the "leader" of The TT is telling him this. WTF? Atom Smasher who was part of that set-up is now in the JSA again and everything is honky-dory. I'm sure he'd admit what Waller planned. Also one would think that being "dead" gives one immunity from prosecution (otherwise why hasn't Hal Jordan "turned himself in" for killing all those GLs?). And also again, in Black Adam's absence the people of Khandaq see Osiris as their savior and in all probability ruler. The US Courts have no power to try a sovereign of a foreign state who almost certainly have diplomatic immunity. Has Eric Wallace thought this stuff through?

And lighting coming out of his chest to kill people - when did any Marvel have that power? Not even BA did and that's where Amon got his power from. Has Amon visited Billy, the person with the closest ties to Shazam? I don't mean Freddy who people Captain Marvel now, I mean Billy who even depowered was the Wizard himself for a short period. Why are they keep wrecking the Marvel Family by this junk? Osiris was never Black Adam, he was not "Dark and edgy", he only wanted to be hero. Him teaming with Slade makes as much sense as Catwoman becoming roomies with Poison Ivy - i.e. NO SENSE at all.
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Well, I think the lightning hit him, rather than came out of him. It's hard to tell, really. Either way, the poor security guy got caught in the middle there.

Although it's interesting, not only that it happened after he said "Isis", not "Black Adam", and he didn't transform. Given how screwy Aquaman's powers are lately, I wonder what coming back from the dead has done to Osiris'. I think we're just starting to find that out.

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...What happen actually after the Teen Titan1/2 story line? I read the first 20 episodes and Cassie used to be cooler. And the Titan was a way better organized team than JLA back then.
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it's the stuff of 'virtual continuity' fanfic comms.

in that's it's technically competent, but not something you'd ever want to see main-line... admittedly, the difference isn't SO great.
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Well, what do you know? Hurting people does help Isis. This being Brightest Day related, I'm really not surprised.

Oh and Osiris? I'm really trying to sympathize, but the self-centered whinyness is really not helping. Sorry, but he does come off like a terribly spoiled brat here. Aiding and abetting mass murderers also does not work in your favour.

[personal profile] theanswer 2010-06-10 12:47 am (UTC)(link)
Hey Osiris, that righteousness and virtue could have come in handy BEFORE YOU LET YOUR NEW BUDS KILL RYAN CHOI!
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Pretty much my only real though here as well.
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Cassie... Cassie no. He can't turn himself in he's the ruler of an entire nation until Black Adam comes back. They consider him their savior. And "He has no where else to go"? Screw you. He has a whole nation to go to and if you would have helped him, he would have had his family there too AND you'd have the Black Adam family owing you a HUGE favor. Srsly. Who wouldn't want him as a one time trump card in something?

The only thing the poor kid wants is his family back. Now I'm actually kinda glad he went with Deathstroke if that's what he was expected to put up with. "Heroes can't be above the law!" my ass.
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Umm...Cassie it's not like he's the leader (3rd in the family by royal assumption here) of another nation and would have diplomatic immunity amongst other things.

In fact him going to trial and being convicted (assuming they could hold him) would likely cause a war between Kahndaq and the USA if the US deems him guilty anyway.
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This has been my problem too. Osiris is the de facto King/Ruler of Khandaq. The people love him. They await the return of Isis and BA. The whole Amazons Attacks fiasco was - supposedly - about the Amazons getting angry the US government had arrested and were holding Diana (or so Circe told them). If that created a war on US soil (that Cassie herself was never punished for even though she and Kara basically kidnapped the US President) - what does anyone think trying to arrest someone with the Power of Shazam will do (and I don't think Freddy would let it happen and Billy and Mary - however depowered - would do something to). Black Adam took on every single hero in the world in WWIII and killed millions of people in Biyala with his bare hands. Osiris has the same exact power (without the experience but also without the rage). No government would be stupid enough to go after him (in point of fact if I was Oolong Island or China, where the hit on the BA came from I'd be worried).

This is sloppy writing. In order for Wallace to show that Osiris has nowhere to turn but Deathstroke (who knows magic how?) we have to have the Titans and Freddy refuse him and have Osiris trust in a super-villain without scruples rather than say Dr. Fate or Zatanna or Detective Chimp or the Phantom Stranger or someone like that. In the process, Cassie has to be written as an idiot, who either does not know or care about international law when she's supposedly giving "advice" to Osiris.

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The "more kills = more destroyed" seems accurate to me--I'm reminded of Brightest Day #0, where Boston sees how everything could go wrong, and one panel involves Osaris grieving over the destroyed statues of Adam and Isis.

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Whatever horrific writing issues there are here (everyone else is summing it up better than I could), the art is stressing me out more than anything. The pencils are terribly inconsistent and the coloring is un-nuanced and oversaturated. It hurt my eyes. QUALITY CONTROL, PEOPLE. LEARN IT.
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Actually, I really like the art in here.