Jan. 8th, 2018

Judas #1

Jan. 8th, 2018 12:28 am
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"He betrayed the Son of God...that's not really something you can just wash away. He wakes up in Hell, feeling like he absolutely deserves to be there. But then Judas learns that he was preordained to betray Jesus. Jesus knew this the whole time and let it happen anyway. Judas then feels like Jesus betrayed him. Jesus basically sent His friend to Hell to glorify Himself, and that shatters Judas.

It's going to be very fun to flip the Biblical perspective and look at Jesus in an adversarial light. As Judas journeys through Hell, he'll make shaky alliances and learn more about the grand story he's a cog in. It's a really fun way to explore the ongoing debate of free will vs. determinism and how much of a say we really have in our lives."

- Jeff Loveness

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