Jan. 17th, 2018

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I can write the Big Monster, the Alien Attack, or the Treacherous Supervillain, but I’m not doing that here because that would be me doing what everybody else does with Justice League and competing with those other voices. With virtually all other thematic exits blocked, here’s the fire staircase most readily available to me: deconstructive realism. -- Christopher J. Priest

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"Writer/creators Eddie Gorodetsky and Marc Andreyko have teamed with artist Stephen Sadowski to pose the question most caped crusaders never have to answer: ‘Now what?’ The world's first real super hero Nick Wilson was at the start of a glorious career which ended faster than a speeding bullet. Now not yet thirty, he has to face his uncertain future without powers, without the costume, and with very few options other than dealing with his non-super life one day at a time. The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson is a sometimes funny, always touching parable about the pitfalls of early success, cloaked in the tale of a one-time hero who believes his best days are behind him."

- Paul Dini

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Between Jim [Zub]’s action storytelling skills and inexhaustible energy and drive, Mark [Waid]’s experience, expertise and deep character knowledge, Alanna Smith’s problem-solving mojo, Tom Brevoort’s uber-editorial ear and whatever the hell I’ve been doing, we’ve formed a writing Voltron that’s stronger than any one of us alone. -- Al Ewing

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