Jan. 27th, 2018

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News from IGN about the post Metal events...

Possible spoilers for the end of "Metal" (I haven't been following it closely enough to judge what's already common knowledge, so just in case, thought I'd warn folks)

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I have this pastor friend who likes to sit across from you, jab his finger and tell you, “Your problem is this, your problem is that, you need to do this, you need to do that.” Which is terrible pastoring. Pastors aren’t here to tell us what to do or how to behave. Pastors are here to reveal God to us. My approach is very different. Instead of pointing fingers, I ask questions, promote discussion. “Well, how do you feel about that choice? What might you have done differently? Was that then most effective way to accomplish that goal?” My pastor buddy practices pastoring on the cheap: Tell People What To Do. When I believe a pastor’s job is to make people think for themselves. Telling people what to do is the laziest form of ministry. It’s much easier to get a guy a haircut than to encourage his thinking to discover things about himself and his motives.

Independent thought is not valued or encouraged. We are told, from birth to the graveyard, what to think, what to value, how to behave. Pastors will tell you This Is Normal, and proceed to tell you how to live. Which is not a pastor’s job. A pastor’s job is to introduce you to God. To, in fact, encourage you to un-plug from the noise, discover God for yourself. That discovery will be life-changing, and God will do the rest.
-- Christopher J. Priest

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"He’s a character I can’t help but feel for as I’m writing this story. Initially he’s driven by questions of identity. Like a lot of teens he wants to know, 'Who am I? And why am I here? What am I meant to do? And why am I different from the other kids?' Then of course a big driving force of what he becomes is love. And in some sense the story of Thanos is a very strange romance. He develops this love for someone who may or may not be Death personified. So that relationship, the romance angle of the book, is a little bit different than how we’ve seen it portrayed in the past, but it is a big part of the story. I think in some sense if you look at the story of Thanos you could almost say that his greatest crime is that he loved too much." -- Jason Aaron

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