Jan. 31st, 2018

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As the guy who created DC’s Triumph, the ultimate retcon, I can only say again that a good magician never performs the same trick twice. No theory I’ve seen online yet has nailed what’s happening. -- Mark Waid

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Morality and spirituality are not one and the same. Morality (the quality of being in accord with standards of right or good conduct) has no external or infallible truth to it. Theology (rational inquiry into religious questions), ideally, should be based on eternal truths, which have nothing to do with morality per se, other than that our adherence to these eternal truths forms opinions we express as guidelines governing our moral conduct. Theology and morality are hardly one and the same. A decent and moral idea, rule, or concept can still, in all its purity, transgress the holiness of a divine God. As such, our sense of morality is of not much use to God (Isa 64:6). Churches relying on their sensibilities of what is good, right, and moral to dictate their interpretation of scripture is, in and of itself, faulty exegesis. The Church should not be in the business of dictating morality, but should be proclaiming truths both eternal and infallible. We, as individuals, having been presented with these truths, are a people at liberty to embrace or reject those truths, and our sense of morality is the expression of that decision. -- Christopher J. Priest

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"The Purple Man’s psychology is one of my favorite things to write about because here’s a man who can get someone to do or say whatever he wants, but I think everybody knows you don’t want people to do and say whatever you want. You want them to do or say what you want them to say because you want them to want it. So after years of manipulations the psychology of someone who’s just missing whole parts of the human experience–which is someone liking you back, someone wanting you back, and knowing if you genuinely can muster someone’s love–these things get you after awhile. He’s alone on a desert island, he has no friends, he has no love, and the people who he makes his friends or love, he manipulates them. We’re even going to show that if someone genuinely finds him interesting he will abuse them. He doesn’t allow himself to have a real relationship. The perspective of his world is wholly unique, I think that’s what puts him up there with the Joker and Magneto. We can show you his perspective and it’s unique and it might make you–not sympathize, but maybe empathize with and that makes the story more interesting. For all the horror the fact that you can see where it’s coming from doesn’t make it better, in fact it makes it worse.” -- Brian Michael Bendis

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