Feb. 7th, 2018

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Gotten a lot of of feedback on Batman 39. Just want you all to know I hear what you're saying, I respect it, and I appreciate it. Your passion for these characters and these books is inspiring and humbling. You're forever teaching me how to be a better writer. Thank you. -- Tom King

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...which hasn't been fair as some of the recent stories have been rather good, but having just seen THIS from Nightwing #38, if I didn't post this IMMEDIATELY, I suspect I would need to resign from Scans_Daily forthwith..

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"I always assumed [Joker] was bisexual. Lots of writers have suggested it, and a few books in the past have touched on the subject. It's not really a new idea." -- Sean Murphy

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So this is half the reason I decided to share this comic, isn't it weird that Neal Adams the co-creator of the X-men villain, Sauron, ended up drawing Captain Power's Soaron, who looks almost like a Sauron crossed with a Terminator? Is that even coincidence? I know series co-creator Gary Goddard is a comic book fan (his feature film, 'Masters of the Universe,' was a Jack Kirby homage as much as it was an adaptation of He-man), and show runner J Micheal Stracynski is no stranger to comics even if he wasn't prolific in them till later on.

I couldn't find anything mentioning it elsewhere... but is Soaron an homage to Sauron?

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Justice League Task Force, more or less, THE DYSFUNCTIONAL X-MEN of DC Comics. The premise was the Task Force was the Navy SEALS of superheroes, a strike team that would be sent on missions by the main Justice League. Only, there was no cooperation between the two editorial offices so the main Justice League never sent the Task Force anywhere.

In protest, I told my editor, Ruben Diaz, that, until they (the office across the hall) began to treat us as part of the JL franchise, the Task Force would do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Because that’s how the franchise was supposed to work. If the main League never sent them anywhere, our guys would be like firefighters waiting for an alarm that never came.

And that was, literally, the premise of that Justice League book: superhero firefighters waiting for an alarm that never came. Virtually all of their adventures happened quite by accident while they were watching Wheel of Fortune and reading dogeared copies of Road & Track.

Justice League 2018 is similar in the sense of it being largely character-driven and their missions being more circumstantial than structured.

-- Christopher J. Priest

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