Feb. 10th, 2018

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On one side, there's three generations of heroes- the Shadow, Batman, and Damian Wayne as Robin.

On the other, there's the Silent Seven, the secret masters of the world.

The Shadow and Batman mounted a financial attack on the Seven.

The Seven's two masters, Ra's al Ghul and Shiwan Khan, noticed.

Khan ignored Ra's counsel that they not rise to the bait.

" To allow the Shadow to believe that he's defeated the Silent Seven, even falsely.. "

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Every year, one book stands up above everyone else's. Fans and creators alike stop and stare in amazement at a couple of creators finding a new voice, new point of view, and new levels of artistic expression. This year it is MISTER MIRACLE. -- Brian Michael Bendis

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"I remember being a kid in the early 60s. And Batman got a computer. He put in facts and got punch type. Mr. Fantastic, Man from Uncle, all these superheroes got computers. It was part of their super powers. Now everyone has computers. And soon we’ll all be hovering, if forecasts are to be believed. Compared to where we were in 1960, we are all super heroes now, and we still can’t solve our problems. We still have disasters even though we can sum up more computing power than even Isaac Asimov imagined. That’s the appeal of Top 10. It’s a fantastic city full of unbelievable people, what a modern urban city feels like." - Alan Moore

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