Feb. 14th, 2018

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"I actually love that aspect of a story history as rich as that of DC's. I think there's something interesting to be found in every character, even if they were looked on as a punchline before. Someone like Terrorsmith maybe seemed so in the 1990s when he debuted, but his origin of being deserted by his middle-income job, abandoned without proper medical support or incapable of affording treatment, and ostracized by his loved ones because of his perceived failures (which were truly institutional failures), seemed starkly relevant today. With Promethea, she remains relevant and transformative. The push is to do our best in honoring a story we loved, that I loved, with an appearance that hopefully spreads the words and shows even more people why she's to be loved, why she's as vital today as ever, and why she demands attention." - Steve Orlando

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So I recently got around to something I'd wanted to do for almost two decades... and that's watch the 2009-2010 Sailor Moon Musical "Vampire Trilogy," three installments (technically four but one of them is non-canon to the rest) of the long running Sailor Moon Stage Musical series that had a continuing plot, and forms an almost Wagnerian epic. I really got a kick out of the amount of world building that was tossed into something as seemingly superficial as the SM Musicals (not knocking them, I've been a fan for 18 years).

Anyway I thought it'd be fun to look at the time that Sailor Moon went up against a Vampire in the Manga... (and maybe look at some clips from the musical too).

1/3rd of a Manga chapter and 3 short clips below which are much less than 1/3rd of their respective media.

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We can’t say too much without showing our hand, but as the guy who created DC’s Triumph, the ultimate retcon, I can only say again that a good magician never performs the same trick twice. No theory I’ve seen online yet has nailed what’s happening. -- Mark Waid

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A repost about Stephen Strange and Morganna Blessing and Clea.

"Morgana Blessing was the sort of woman that Doc would have had a relationship with, in his previous career as a high-priced surgeon. She was the Earthly love, in contrast with the ethereal, extradimensional Clea. All the regular readers loved Clea, of course, but the relationship she and Doc had was not exactly an enlightened one. If Clea had just been Doc's lover that would have been okay, but she'd also become his student, his disciple. It was a case of 'I love you, Clea.' 'And I love you, Master.' And not in a sweet, innocent, I Dream of Jeanie way, either. Not a healthy relationship, not healthy at all." - Roger Stern

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"The reason she is black is because I got this feeling a while back that there are tonnes of white characters in comics, wouldn’t be interesting to have some who weren’t white? I’ve created Asian, Indian, and African-American characters like Patience but superhero comics, up until a while back, really looked like a country club. It was weird.

The Justice League were all white, as were the Avengers you know, and I had always noticed that comic book starring black characters, like Blade the Vampire Hunter, there just weren’t that many around and they didn’t seem to last. So then I thought, I’m in a very unique position where I’ve got a lot of followers and fans and reasoned that I could try something that maybe other people weren’t trying."

- Mark Millar

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"Love sucks. Philo Harris is going to do something about it. After gaining the ability to see the Cupidae that make love work—after a particularly bad drunken decision—Philo ends up going to war with love itself. With a chainsaw."

- Image Comics press release

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