Feb. 28th, 2018

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"The relationship they had was very unique to Purple Man. That’s not what his relationships to the, sadly, hundreds of other peoples he’s accosted have been, so that is something to consider as well. Does he, in his messed up head, love her? That was always the question in the first series too. It’s a screwed up question, and it’s a screwed up answer no matter what, but that’s the kind of book we’re telling. It’s for adults by adults, and we’re going to ask tough questions and see what kind of answers we get. " -- Brian Michael Bendis

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After 18 years, Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch finally return and reunite for a brief new story about the team they created...

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Doctor Strange 386 came out today.

In my post on the Sentry/Loki story, I announced in jest that

"The next story line Doctor Strange: The Man with No Friends Whatsoever starts this week."

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Universe 6, as the ‘twin’ to Universe 7 (where Goku and friends live), shares many similarities to that Universe while also having somewhat small (but significant) deviations - for example, the Saiyans are not only still alive, but are a benevolent mercenary race, acting as an intergalactic peacekeeping force (think something like the MCU’s Nova Corps). ‘tis here where we are introduced to Caulifla, a roguish Robin Hood-type delinquent and the first official female Super Saiyan in the franchise!... in the anime, that is. Her first transformation happens offscreen in the manga. Still, said introduction is exciting nonetheless.

Remember to read from right to left. Full pages from Chapter 32 are posted, as the series (barring Chapters 2-15) is available for free on viz.com . If you like what you see here, please support the official release.


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"The idea is that this is the true, dark side of Superman [...] It’s a nightmare version of what Superman could be. Superman is both inspiring and frightening in his power. And the only reason that he’s not really frightening is because of who he is. But happens when you change that?" - Steve Orlando

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