Mar. 21st, 2018

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I see Kal-El as a kind of buffed out Tom Hanks: an identifiable Everyman with whom I identify a great deal. As a minister and a person of faith, I try, every day, to do good, to be helpful. We live in a cynical world where people are perhaps rightly suspicious of strangers trying to help them, and it is frustrating to constantly be treated with suspicion. There are days when I tire of it, where I become anxious about it, where I throw up my hands in anger. But, the next day, I just get up and start over again. That’s Superman. -- Christopher J. Priest

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Essentially, we had the idea of a whole squad of Avengers against the Hulk, and at first that was going to be all the heavy hitters – which would have been exciting, but would also have had the scent of pro-wrestling to it. Like, if we know the Hulk’s going to beat the hell out of everyone – and we do know that, he’s the Strongest One There Is – it’s much more interesting to pit him against the weak and the wounded, back at HQ. It turns it from an exhibition match into a desperate last stand. (And it is going to be the last stand for a couple of Avengers. There are casualties. You’ve been warned.) -- Al Ewing

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It’s a great question, and there is an answer in the comic. (I’ve seen it in some replies.) Batman fans are incredibly smart. I have faith in you all to figure it out. -- Tom King, on how Catwoman won that fight

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