Mar. 28th, 2018

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Who here has been playing the the Telltale Batman series? What did you think the of the conclusion of Season 2? This is probably become one of my favourite non-Canon Batman incarnations... It gets very dark, but the characters are so very compelling.

Some of my choices behind the cut

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So – this is not a friendly green Hulk. This is not a recognisable Hulk. His eyes are dark shadows with little points of glowing light – the whites of his eyes black, the pupils are doorways into whatever hell is going on inside him. There is nothing human in those eyes. He doesn’t shout, or bellow. His mouth is a cold, brutal snarl, with frozen breath coming from it, as if he’s constantly in sub‐zero temperatures. He is the sub‐zero temperature – the anger inside him is like ice. -- Al Ewing

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"I can’t believe how popular the show is and how popular she is, genuinely popular, outside of the comic book world. It’s hilarious, I’ve been the co-creator of Jessica Jones since 2001 but only in the last couple years does that turn heads and impress people outside of our world, and it’s kind of funny.

But all of that means nothing compared to how it’s almost the same feeling I have, like the fatherly pride I have, for my children when they do well outside of the home. When they come home and have succeeded in whatever they tried unrelated to me and my wife, that’s how I feel about Jessica. I feel like everyday I hear how she’s doing in college, or how she’s doing at her new job, and I’m very proud of her. It’s quite a unique feeling. It’s an immense amount of pride that I feel for her and what she means to people. " -- Brian Michael Bendis

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"Fans began calling Black Panther The West Wing of Marvel Comics. I’d never seen The West Wing and thus didn’t catch the reference. I just love intrigue and complexity. I think most superhero stories have already been done a million times. I thought some manner of political showdown would be something new and different." - Christopher Priest

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