Apr. 3rd, 2018

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"Marvel really was trying to make a go of this. It was one of their best reviewed and yet lowest selling books. Ironically, the run has gained in popularity after its demise, kind of like the original Star Trek TV show. It is favorably remembered and highly regarded, having won fans long after the fact. I believe Reginald Hudlin’s run is in large measure responsible for this, because he brought along a much bigger audience, many of whom later went back and read the old stuff as well." - Christopher Priest

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

In the UK, the Labour Party is dealing with, or attempting to deal with, or claiming to be attempting to deal with (depending on who you ask) accusations of anti-Semitism.

In the US the Sinclair Broadcast Group is flexing it's muscles, by having multiple of it's news outlets report EXACTLY THE SAME script about "biased and flase news". The irony... it burns! Somewhere George Orwell's ghost is repainting it's "I WARNED YOU!!" placard.

Russia and.. well, pretty much the rest of the world are barely on speaking terms. The latest claim is that the UK manufactured the "Salisbury Nerve Agent" incident to distract the population from Brexit. (I might lend that notion more credence if I thought those in the UK dealing with Brexit were capable of finding their own arses with both hands and a map.).

"Scoobybnatural". the bizarre sounding one-off crossover which see's "Supernatural" entering the animated world of Scooby Doo turned out to be the funniest, most entertaining thing the show has done in YEARS! It manages to be respectful to the core of Scooby Doo (Which it turns out is Dean's favourite show from his childhood, because it was always on, no matter where the family were staying), whilst still having some fun with it.

"ReB00t: The Guardian Code" premiered on Netflix and it was... well, I want to be positive but it's not easy. On it's own merit's it's a rather pedestrian Power Rangers variant (more specifically the Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, without the giant robots or, alas, Tim Curry voicing a baddie) with our blandly generic teenage heroes entering cyberspace to fight the machinations of the evil Sourceror (who is basically every hacker stereotype cliche known to humanity) and his viral associate Megabyte (Yes that one, but only just), but it lacks anything like the creativity or sheer subversive anarchy of old school ReBoot.

If you can get through all ten episodes there IS a sort of link to old ReBoot (though Season 2 for some reason) which isn't bad, but does sort of remind you of what this show could, and probably SHOULD, have been.

Players of Far Cry 5 are reporting a rather unexpected threat within the game...

April 1st has been and gone and had the usual array of media outlets coming up with outlandish stories (Though fighting a losing tide against the REAL insane news stories).
  • The EU made fun of the UK (not hard) by suggesting that all EU member passports would soon be blue... which makes a mockery of the oft repeated insanity of "We're getting our blue passports back" from hard line Brexiters.
  • Burger King announced the launch of the "Chocolate Whopper". (There's an explanatory video in that link, but you might need either insulin or a barf bag (or both) depending on your tolerance for the concept.
So what were your local April Fool's pranks like?
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"I’m quite happy with it, so far. There are various different kinds of deals, and I think we’ve run into a fair number of approaches over the years, from the producer who loves the series but isn’t that interested in working with the series creators to approaches where they want us to be hands-on with the project. And this one, clearly, they want us hands-on.

Having me co-writing the pilot was a selling point for Fremantle, and they - along with Rick Alexander and Gregory Noveck - have been…I was going to say “welcoming,” but it’s more than that. Every time I’ve come down to Los Angeles, it’s been a terrific experience, and it’s been fun to be in the room to help work things out. I have the advantage of being able to say, “Well, we did this in the comics for this reason, but the main point we’re trying to get at here is this other thing, so if we play it a different way for TV, we’re still serving the spirit and intent of the series.”

And they’re not trying to steer away from what the comics are about - they’re steering into it, trying to bring it to life in a way that makes sense for TV, but which is very strongly rooted in the comics."

It’s also a treat when Rick says something like, “Hey, if we take this piece of the comics and that piece and that other piece over there, and we bring them together, it accomplishes this whole new thing.” And I’m sitting there going, “I made up every piece of that years ago, and they’re still the same pieces but the result is very current, very much a story about today. How’d that happen?”

Kurt Busiek Kurt Busiek

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Sometimes, they're very thin masks.

The Green Hornet '66 Meets The Spirit #4 illustrated this.

The scene was the Hornet, Kato, and the Spirit rushing to the Daily Sentinel's offices.

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