Apr. 4th, 2018

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'I worry that I’m really not in sync with what is popular and what sells these days, which is probably why I am not offered leading, or A-List titles. A friend told me last week, “Dude, that [Denny O’Neil] era is over.” Man, I really hope not. I loved Cary Bates’ Superman and Flash, But Denny took Superman and grounded him in reality — got rid of Kryptonite and de-powered him, then wrote him introspectively. It should not be zero sum. Grant Morrison’s “JLA” was certainly larger than life and sold a gajillion copies, obliterating my “Justice League Task Force.” So, do I still belong here? I guess that’s for the readers to decide.' - Christopher J. Priest

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Deathstroke is not the Penguin. I urge other writers to stop treating him like The Penguin. I’m happy to work with anybody to assist in a Deathstroke guest shot to prevent what I’ve seen repeatedly: Slade Wilson appearing as a 1-dimensional brute who gets beat up or bought off. That’s really wrong. Once Deathstroke takes a contract, there is no buying him off. And beating him is incredibly difficult to do, not because he’s so tough but because he really is just that smart. -- Christopher J. Priest

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"Everything from the Persian Empire and the Greek Empire is a real study in how the course of the world — of civilizations and the power therein — could be changed so radically. Everything that’s come since then was forged by these wars. We’d be living very differently if Alexander hadn’t come along. To me, the largest issue is the concept of civilization itself, and the clash between Western and Eastern points of view, which has been ongoing ever since. It’s still playing a role." -- Frank Miller

Warning for gore/violence

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